Roll Consults Limited specializes in large-scale fraud recovery and investigations.

We have teams in cybercrime, fraud, investigation and asset recovery, offering both high net worth individuals and corporations, peace of mind, discretion and effective options when crime threatens their assets and the value held by their stakeholders.

Roll Consults has a strong operations centre in the heart of Asia, which is the world’s largest hub for cybercrime, counterfeiting and piracy. We also have offices elsewhere around the globe in Europe, USA and Oceania.

In 2016, world renown investigation firm Gamble Investigations International and cyber intelligence firm Internet Fraud Watchdog joined forces to form Roll Consults led by Senior Investigator and Executive Chairman; Ken Gamble.

Ken Gamble is a private investigator licensed by the Australian NSW Police. License number: 409478069 (can be verified here)


  • Asset Recovery
  • Cyber Investigation
  • Investigation & Surveillance

  • Cryptocurrency Fraud
  • Corporate Espionage.
  • Corporate Due Diligence.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class business, profitable, ambitious, cooperative and considerate, supporting our clients and people through our global business principles of Quality, Unity and Integrity.

We apply our business principles to all our activities world-wide. They describe our culture and personality both internally and externally, the way we work and what we stand for.



  • We value our people – they are our most important asset – and we promote a culture of respect for the individual.
  • We expect to deliver work that meets the highest professional, ethical and business standards.
  • We build long term relationships with our clients and colleagues by being trustworthy, open and fair.

We aim to deliver the highest standards of legal recovery services to all our clients across our global business.

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